1. Georgia is only accessible to members and their guests. Guests who are not accompanied by a Georgia member are not admitted.

2. Members can invite a same guest maximum twice.

3. The members remain, in all respects, responsible for their guests.

4. Members register spontaneously when they enter the club and register in the guestbook. They also share the identity of their guests.

5. The wearing of city clothing or business casual clothing is the rule on the activities of Georgia, unless stated otherwise.

6. The members are expected to know the content of these regulations and to respect the rules. The members also keep their guests informed of these house rules.

7. The members and their guests respect the house rules of the club where the activities take place.

8. You must always confirm through the website that you will participate in the events. If you are nevertheless prevented after the last possible registration date, you will still be deemed to pay the registration fee.

9. If you have not yet paid your previous event, you will be refused entry at a new event.